January 12, 2009

My First Book!

My first book, a Chinese translation of Go Green, Live Rich - a NYT's Bestseller - is going to be launched on Jan. 22, 2009!

After having my name appeared on newspaper headlines, magazine covers - now I have my name on a book!

The theme of the book is simple: by going green, you can make a fortune, too! It's the latest book written by David Bach, the author of The Automatic Millionaire. The site of Go Green, Live Rich is here.

The Chinese version is recommend, amazingly, by the president of Uni-president, Ching-Yuen Kao (高清愿), and his corporation can be seen as the Greater China's Kraft, which is huge! He rarely recommends any book for years...

Some links about my first book are here:




Let's Go Green, Live Rich!!!

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