December 3, 2009

Arab Monopolies

"When the world pays full attention to China, China is paying its attention to the Middle East."

This is the beginning my introduction to Arab Monopolies, a Japan's bestseller, and its Chinese version just launched in November, 2009.

Isn't China looking at the U.S.? Yes, it is.

But China in reality is not trying to compete with the U.S. but with itself, as it always does for thousands of years.

By 2027, Goldman Sachs predicts, China will be the largest economy in the world, and then the U.S. should never surpass China. Until 2050, China's economy will be twice than America's. The energy that fuels China's future growth is largely staying beneath the ground of the Middle East - petroleum.

In 2009, according to the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, 58% of China's oil is from the Middle East, and in just five more years, the proportion will rise to 70%.

If China matters to you in your future, so does the Middle East. Don't overlook it.

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